5 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Traveling Around the World

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5 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Traveling Around the World

Travel to a city or country is easier than ever due to the improved transport technology and transport networks. Most of the people would like to travel for relaxing and enjoying during their holidays. But even though you have no plans or no time for a physically trip to anywhere, the more and more popular VR, a fantastic video-based medium for armchair wanderlust, will be a good way for virtual travels (to some degree, virtual reality has changed the tourism. So, if you have a VR headset on hand, here are some apps that can give you a taste of virtual travel.



Google Earth VR: bringing the whole wide world to virtual reality

Want to fly? Google Earth VR, an app for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, starts you off in space, but you can zoom in on any part of the globe with a bird’s eye view of the locale in question. You can fly over the top of Eiffel Tower, go inside of Disney World, in the wake of pressing and dragging of the controller.

Google earth vr app


NASA: explore international space in VR now

NASA’s Vision: We reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind. Thanks to the thousands of images that have been transmitted back to Earth from its Sojouner and Curiosity rovers, NASE could put together 360 degrees videos and images of what walking on Mars would be. The app gives us the chance to know the journey to Mars, that most of the people will never experience that kind of space travel in the life-long time.

NASA vr in Mars


YouVisit: providing 360°travel experiences

Like VeeR VR, YouVisit makes you watch the contents on the web or via app on your phone with a VR headset. It has very rich interesting travel-related 360-degree photos and videos, from the Ayutthaya temples of Thailand to the Louvre Museum in Paris and helicopter ride over New York City. You can even get onboard the Carnival Breeze and explore the different parts of the cruise ship.

youvisit VR APP


Discovery VR: featuring 360-degree videos

Discovery VR app has constantly been about exploring new places, characters, and ideas. Besides exploring exotic places, you are able to swim with sharks, ski downhill with Bode Miller, or learn to forage for food, of course, virtually. Discovery VR content can be watched online, but it would be much better for you to use a phone and VR glasses.

Discovery VR APP


VeeR VR: a fast-growing 360 content platform

Every day hundreds of VR videos are uploaded by creators from over 160 countries around the world to VeeR VR. Different kinds, such as travel, sports, entertainment, gaming, beauty, anime, horror, cater for various preferences. You can find the VeeR VR app in Apple store, Google play, Gear VR, etc. You can watch the VR contents both on web and phone. Move your mouse or finger to see 360-degree scenes in the videos. Also, you can build your own video playlist, to make a list of your favorite places that want to travel!

veer vr app


There are also some more great Apps for virtual travel, and you can also read previous articles about VR travels: Free Travel: Tour World’s Famous Cities in Virtual Reality


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