Best of iClone by Reallusion: Top 5 VR Animation Videos on VeeR

30 Sep , 2017 Others VeeR VR

Best of iClone by Reallusion: Top 5 VR Animation Videos on VeeR

Reallusion’s iClone VR 360 video content creation pipeline is a fast and intuitive way to create and animate VR experiences. Create a project with iClone – Environments, Lighting, Cameras, Props, Animation, Characters and all of it now VR-ready. Today we have hand-picked some best animated short videos created by Reallusion on VeeR for your enjoyment!


1. iClone – VR 360 – Monster



2. iClone – Dirrogate – A 360 VR novel



3. iClone – VR 360 – Game of Thrones Dragon Flight



4. iClone – VR 360 – Peter Pan Flyover



5. iClone – VR 360 – Water Wind Island



To know more about Reallusion & iClone, read VeeR’s exclusive interview with Reallusion.

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