Best Content Collections on VeeR by Category (Constantly Updated)

27 Dec , 2017 Others VeeR VR

Best Content Collections on VeeR by Category (Constantly Updated)

After we enabled the collection feature in mid-December, 2017, you can now organize 360 photos and videos in the same collection! Simply put, collections are upgraded playlists, which incorporate all of playlists’ functions while supporting uploading, selecting and viewing 360 photos and videos. Here we’ve picked top-quality collections on VeeR to share with you. 

You can also start creating your own collections, which might be featured on our main page one day!


Relax, we know this is not captured from the actual game but it is the cover of the playlist.

You can watch this video to learn the specific steps of building a collection if you want to create you own. You might even make this list! Go get them!

VeeR VR is a leading VR content platform with the mission of empowering everyone to create and share virtual reality content. Within a year of its establishment, it’s become a phenomenon sweeping through the 360 community, and has been featured on Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive. While we believe that VR is the future of storytelling, we want to encourage all VR lovers to create beyond boundaries.

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