4 Best Alternatives to VR Box

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4 Best Alternatives to VR Box

To watch 360 virtual reality content, you need a specific VR device, eg. a VR box. There are a lot of VR box brands in today’s market, then which one is best for you? How will you choose it? We’ve tried some 3D headsets/VR boxes and handpicked the best ones for you to experience VR world via your Android or iPhone cell phones.

Low price virtual reality headsets alternative to VR box


VeeR VR Headset

VeeR fabric VR headset vr box

credit to VeeR fabric VR headset

Price: $22.99 (by VeeR official on Amazon)

VeeR VR is a fast-growing virtual reality content platform, allowing VR lovers to create and share the amazing 360-degree VR videos and panoramic photos on its website as well as apps. VeeR has also designed some kinds of VR devices, like portable VR glasses, easy to build VR Cardboard, fabric VR headset, etc committed to providing the best virtual reality experiences along with the great VeeR VR apps.

The fabric VR box equipped with a controller, light-weighted, only sells for a very low price at $22.99. Compared to the Daydream VR, it’s cheaper and lighter, allowing users to explore the virtual reality games, films, and others in a more comfortable way for an even longer time.





credit to VR Box

VR Box 2.0  

Price: $ 26. 90 (available on Amazon)

VR Box 2.0 is a VR viewer made from plastic, while with a surprisingly low price you will find for other VR headsets. You put on the VR headset with the included straps that hold it in place in front of your eyes. This makes for a more immersive experience than those VR goggles where you need to hold the headset in place with your hands.

Though the quality cannot be compared to the Samsung Gear VR, the VR Box 2.0 is a perfect alternative for those who are unwilling to pay for more than $100 headsets. Now on Amazon it has a very acceptable price of $26.9, you can access to lots of great VR entertainment with the VR Box.


Google Daydream 

Google Daydream VR headset

credit to Google Daydream VR headset

Price: $ 71. 99 (by Google official on Amazon)

Google Daydream is a popular VR headset, its lightweight, durable headset is made from soft, breathable fabric to help you stay comfortable longer. You can browse through an ever-growing collection of apps and games in the daydream app, to get the best seat at home with daydream view, then you can experience the wonderful sports, games, and more in full 360-degree panoramic view.

Also, it equips with controller transforms with your imagination, helping you freely sliding in the virtual reality world. You can feel all the wonders here. But it seems to have no access to some of the great virtual reality experiences that are available on the Oculus Store, but does have exclusives such as Youtube VR.


Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

credit to Samsung Gear VR

Price: $89.91

Samsung Gear VR is perfect for Samsung smartphone, seamless integration with Samsung Gear 360 to create your own VR content.

You can explore and travel the globe with Gear VR. With your phone in the headset, sit front row at the biggest events, paint in VR or just hang out with friends. And the intuitive handheld controller gives you new ways to go deeper into games and other experiences. Also, some new social features are allowed, to interact with friends in VR -watch a movie/TV together, play a game or just chat in a virtual world

How to use the VR headsets?

how to use virtual reality vr box/headset

credit to vrcasetop

Where to watch VR Videos?

Sure, people can watch VR videos and other experiences on PC, Pad, or smartphone. Today there are many platforms for you to explore virtual reality, like the Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, VeeR VR, etc. While VR apps on smartphones are preferred, with the VR box or headset, you can enjoy all the wonderful 360-degree videos. Check out to find the Top 5 Free VR Apps for Your Smartphone.

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