Best 360° VR Camera for Slow Motion [2018]

10 Jan , 2018 Reviews Dawei Chen

Best 360° VR Camera for Slow Motion [2018]

First Let me thank Ben Claremont (LIFE in 360), Hugh Hou (CreatorUp!), Larkin Donley (CreatorUp!), Michael Ty (360 Rumors) for all the amazing reviews and recommendations on this topic! Follow them for the latest news on 360° hardware. 

Frame rate is an exciting topic to talk about. With higher shooting frame rate, videos play out smoother when slowed down. Slow motion is cool for regular videography, but straight up badass with 360°. It feels like the world is being slowed down when watching the footage with a VR headset. And there are endless possibilities we can play around with slow-mo.

Here we pick out the top choices for three categories of users: [1] Recreational  [2] Semi-Pro, i.e. Youtubers & VeeRians [3] Professional. In this comparison, I am looking for cameras that can deliver minimum 120 frames per second (fps), for a significant slow-mo effect.

[1] Recreational [$80-$300]

If you just want to try out 360° slow-mo for fun, the bad news is that there isn’t a 360° camera capable of delivering high frame rate with relatively satisfying resolution in this price range. The great news is that cameras at this end of the spectrum are good for making slow-motion Tiny Planet (video below), which is less affected by low resolution.

Tiny Planet Tutorial with Gear 360

Gear 360 (Samsung) offers the best value in this category. It’s the only camera that can shoot 120 fps in 720p (1440 x 720). You can find it for around $100 on eBay. With this camera, you can make all sorts of slow-motion Tiny Planet videos. Gear 360 is also an ideal choice for a first 360° camera purchase. It’s got all the basic features you’d need without financial stress. If you end up liking 360° filming, getting a high-end camera later on becomes an easier decision.

Debating between Gear 360 2016 and Gear 360 2017? A comprehensive comparison.

What is it like to have the world slowed down around you? Check out this quick demo of crossing a street in Tokyo slow motion 360°. 

[2] Semi-Pro [$300 – $800]

Ricoh Theta V, Garmin Virb, and Go Pro Fusion are all good choices for 360° vlogs. But in terms of Slow-Motion alone, Yi VR Camera has really stood out. For $399, Yi can shoot 2K at 120 fps, 2.5K at 60 fps, and 5.7K at 30 fps. Comparatively, the $699 Go Pro Fusion can produce 5.2K at 30 fps, and 3K at 60 fps.

Yi VR Camera

Yi has recently made a Firmware update for in-camera image stabilization. It’s now a good choice for sports videos as well. Check out the demo here.

Jaunt One, an over-the-top 360° VR camera system for studio professionals. It is capable of producing stunning 4K footage at 120 fps, and can max resolution at 8K x 4K per eye!

Jaunt One is available to rent at $4,500 per day. 

[3] Studio Professionals [$$$$]

It really depends on your budget now. At an affordable $3,499, we have Insta 360 Pro, a professional grade 360° camera capable of 4K/120 fps.

A little step-up on the spectrum, we have Kandao Obsidian S, which is specifically designed for high-speed HDR capture with stunning stereoscopic effect, available at $6,999.

Larkin Donley, Emmy award-winning VR cinematographer calling it ‘the best 3D 360° professional camera’

Full review of Kandao Obsidian S here.

How To Make 360° Slow Motion?

VeeR Editor makes 360° editing an intuitive process. Free Download.


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