A Letter to VeeR Users: A Look at the Future

12 Oct , 2019 产品动态 VeeR VR

2016 brought about the first year of VR, and it was also the year VeeR first met with all of you. Since then, our mission has always been to bring you the best immersive entertainment in VR through focusing on the development, distribution, and realization of high-quality content. 

Together, we have worked to create a variety of products to enable VR creators around the world to bring their best immersive entertainment to the audience.

After 3 years of dedicated explorations, there are a few key lessons we want to share with you all:


  1. VR content is best consumed in a VR headset for a true immersive experience. There is strong evidence that standalone headsets (e.g. Oculus Quest) will become the dominant format for in-home VR entertainment in the immediate future.

  1. Only content with the best quality that WOW the early-adopters of VR, especially the first-timers, will make them fall in love with VR and continue using it.

  1. It’s crucial that the immersive film industry has an established business model that is sustainable for VR creators. Content that can be monetized will continue to fuel the development of more and better content. We believe we have found a solution for this in our LBVR (Location-based VR) business to bring that missing piece to the industry. 

  1. In-home entertainment will continue to grow as the hardware becomes cheaper and easier to use. In the meantime, however, LBVR will continue to be the bigger business opportunity in the near future. LBVR will also be the first VR-encounter for many future VR home-users.


These are some of the reasons why we are switching our focus to premium immersive films, including both linear and interactive videos. By doing this, we hope to bring the best immersive experience to the audience (online and offline), while providing a sustainable business model for content creators.


In line with the above-mentioned strategic shift, VeeR is proud to announce that we have made and will continue to make changes to our platform as we continue to strive for the best in premium VR viewing and content creation. To better serve both our creators and users, we are introducing the following changes starting November, 2019:


For creators:

Over the last three years, we have been exploring any and every way to deliver a more comprehensive service to our creators and we believe we have found an answer. As a result, we plan to provide more offline distribution channels and monetization opportunities than ever before. Furthermore, in keeping with our shift of focus, we have made the following changes to the VeeR platform:

What’s New
Opportunities for monetization and project funding

Additional benefits for verified creators

  • High quality transcoding supported 

  • The highest level of data encryption & copyright protection standardized

  • Data analysis & heatmaps available

  • Exclusive access to video upload and interactive experience creation (updated March 4th, 2020)


What’s No Longer Supported

  • 360° photo can no longer be uploaded or featured. (We will not delete 360° photos without noticing you in advance. For photo series, you can enhance it by adding music and other media with our Interactive Experience Tool.)

  • Videos with a resolution below 4K (3840×1920) can no longer be uploaded

  • Content with low perceived entertainment value, such as real-estate-based content, will now be rejected upon review

  • Uploading content via mobile no longer supported

  • “Likes” submitted via mobile and web will no longer be counted towards total likes 


For the audience:

We always aim to deliver the best possible viewing experience and that’s why we are shifting our focus towards VR headset-based viewing. To illustrate that, we have made the following changes:


What’s New
Mobile app to be used as a companion app to a headset

  • The focus will be shifted to headsets. The mobile app will now be used to bookmark content for later viewing and purchase content more conveniently.


What’s No Longer Supported in the Mobile App

  • The Download feature will be removed and all downloaded content will be removed.

  • Local media players will no longer be available


Some of these have been tough decisions to make for all of us here at VeeR but we want you to know that our mission remains unchanged. We truly want to thank you all, from the audience to creators, for your continued support since our first meeting back in 2016. As we roll out these updates, we truly hope you’ll share your feedback (support@veer.tv) with us so that we can continue to make positive changes that help us deliver the best experience. On behalf of the VeeR Team, we invite you to join us as we create a better future for VR together.


VeeR Team, 

Jingshu Chen (Co-Founder & CPO)

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