9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Virtual Reality

12 Mar , 2018 News Mark Metry

9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Virtual Reality

2018 so far has been an extremely formidable year for the virtual reality industry. 

CES 2018 held the most virtual and augmented reality hardware products on display in history. 

VR headsets are being sold at record numbers, thanks to price drops and more immersive experiences.

Check out our lineup of the facts and figures that you don’t know on the current state of VR. 

Telesphere Mask

1. The First VR Headset came out in the 1960’s

Coined as the “Telesphere Mask” by inventor Morton Heilig. This device features stereoscopic (3-D) TV, wide vision and true stereo sound.


2. According to Markets and Markets the VR market was valued at $5.1 billion in 2017. Industry’s growth is fueled by 

3. VR isn’t all about Games and Entertainment

Virtual reality is being used in the healthcare field to treat depression, anxiety, autism, PTSD and even nicotine addiction with Mindcotine.

Mindcotine VR

4. Jaron Lanier created a virtual reality device in the 1980’s (EyePhone 1/HRX) and costed up to $49,000 for the goggles and gloves.

5. Virtual I/O created a $1000 pair of virtual reality glasses called “iGlasses” in 1995.

6. Startup Varjo is Creating a Bionic display lets you see VR as clearly as you see the real world because it works just like the human eye does.

Varjo Bionic Display

7. PSVR headset was developed from Sony engineers tinkering in a Lab building quietly without any executive direction.


8. VR Headsets models are moving from computer and phone powered to standalone (no other device needed to jump in VR). 


9. Virtual Reality is expected to reach $34 billion by 2023 according to Markets and Markets and a combined total of $94 Billion including augmented reality by 2023.

Did you know any of these virtual reality facts? 

#7 was personally the most fascinating to me. It’s surprising to see a billion dollar corporation like Sony not have a gameplan for VR, let alone a few individual engineers. 

Which facts surprised you? 

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    item 7, Sony’s silently lab without executive direction. I live a situation in the company and believe that it is the reality of many!

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    biil guy the science ney

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