5 Things to Expect from Spielberg’s Ready Player One (2018 Movie)

24 Jan , 2018 Others Dawei Chen

5 Things to Expect from Spielberg’s Ready Player One (2018 Movie)

Ready Player One is a film adaptation of 2011 bestseller of the same title by Ernest Cline. The film rights are purchased by Warner Bros. and it is now under production by director Steven Spielberg. Ready Player One is set to release in theaters on March 30th, 2018. Here are the top 5 things to expect from the film! (If you came here for Ready Player One trailer, scroll to the bottom)


#1: It Will NOT Be 100% Faithful to the Book

We know that the main storyline stays the same from the movie trailer, and Ernest Cline is co-writing the film script with Zak Penn. But expect some changes for the film adaptation. If you have read the book and watched the trailer, you may already know that the climactic car chase does NOT occur in the book.


#2: Absence of Speilberg References

”The movie won’t have any of my films in it. I’m not putting myself in this movie…They reference so many ’80s movies. I’m doing the whole pop culture thing. I’m just going to leave myself out of it. I can’t do that. Too self-referential.”

The book contains a lot of references to Speilberg’s classics, since the main character Wade Watts is obsessed with 80’s pop culture. Spielberg said during his interview with Entertainment Weekly that he is going to cut himself out of it. Rest assured that there are enough other references to the 80’s for nostalgia.


#3: Expect a 360°/VR Trailer

The motion picture giant certainly knows to catch the tech trend. Warner Bros. has made a huge contribution to the VR scene in 2017.  VR trailers for Dunkirk, IT: FloatJustice LeagueThe LEGO Batman Movie, Kong: Skull Island, Annabelle: Creation, Blade Runner 2049, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword were produced respectively to promote their releases. Note that these 2017 films are not even Virtual Reality themed. VR trailers and teasers are good for publicity, good enough of a reason on its own. It is hard to imagine WB will pass on Ready Player One, a story that, after all, revolves around VR technology. So yes, we may expect a VR teaser of Oasis, the virtual paradise in Ready Player One, coming soon.

IT: Float VR Experience

IT: Float a cinematic VR experience, by Warner Bros. It’s one of the most watched VR videos by far, and the movie later became the top-grossing horror film in history. 


Dunkirk VR Experience 

Dunkirk is in the running for production design, cinematography, sound editing, sound mixing, original score, filming editing, director and – the most important prize of the lot – best picture in 2018 Oscar.


#4: It Won’t Be R-rated

I can’t picture Ready Player One as a not-children-friendly film. It’d be a commercial mistake as kids are just as, if not more, excited about the release as adults are. The book is not heavy on violence or sex, and Spielberg isn’t really known for making R-rated content. CinemaBlend guessed the film would be PG-13 rating (Parents Strongly Cautioned due to violence, language, and brief suggestive content), which I find appropriate. Some popular examples of PG-13 rated films are Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


#5: Sequel Is Coming

Ernest Celine confirmed that Ready Player One sequel is in work. Celine said during an interview, “It’s true. I can’t talk about it too much, but there’s no better inspiration for a writer [than] to return to a world they’ve already worked on when they’re watching Steven Spielberg bring that world to life.” There is no further information on the story or the exact release date yet.


 Official Trailer


That wraps up our top 5 expectations of Ready Player One. Are you a fan of Ernest Cline’s novel? Do you have any insights you’d like to share? Tell us in the comment section below!

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