5 Brutal Prank Ideas with DRONES [Drone Prank Compilation]

6 Feb , 2018 Behind The Scene Dawei Chen

5 Brutal Prank Ideas with DRONES [Drone Prank Compilation]

Are you looking for some other ways to make use of your drone? Here are the top 5 drone pranks! Also, let me make a quick mention on VeeR’s latest DJI Mavic Air giveaway – February Flight Fest . To participate, simply upload any drone 360° video or photo with #UpInTheAir. Winner gets a FREE DJI MAVIC AIR!

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No.5 Flying Ghost Prank

What you will need: 
Ghost costume
Innocent passersby

Drone and ghost costume? Brilliant idea! The only problem is that it might be a little too scary, especially if you creep up on someone with it. Others have also tried using a scary clown costume. Well, isn’t that just wonderful…


No.4 Drone Cut Prank

What you will need: 
Fake Blood
Someone who cares about you

Blood! Blood! Blood! Just so much blood! Just don’t let the other person calls an ambulance for real, unless you don’t mind paying for a useless yet expensive ambulance ride.


No.3 Beer Drone

What you will need: 
Fake mobile app
Empty beer cans
Fake beer case
Another drone pilot
Random people chilling on the beach

It’s pretty badass to have beer delivered with a drone. This one takes more preparation than other ones on this list, but it’d totally make you feel the coolest person in the group. And hey, not a bad idea to crash a party either.  


No. 2 Dog Prank

What you will need: 
Some poor dog

Do you hate your neighbor’s dog? Here is a great little payback idea…


No.1 Missle Prank

What you will need: 
Toy rocket 
innocent passersby

Terrorize your neighborhood with this prank. This one is not for the light-hearted, and you may trigger a few 911 calls with it… 

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