Get in the Halloween Spirit: Best VR Videos to Watch For A Spooky October 30th!

17 Oct , 2017 News VeeR VR

Get in the Halloween Spirit: Best VR Videos to Watch For A Spooky October 30th!

Halloween is approaching! How will you and your friends celebrate the holiday?  Have you prepared well very interesting or super scary Halloween costume? Hmm, it’s a rememberable day, and why not record it by a panorama camera? Then you can watch later in a 360-degree immersive VR videos as if you were still in that day! Let’s look back the Happy Halloween 2016 in some VR videos on VeeR!

Pumpkin Zombie Snapchat Filter COMES TO LIFE! – Happy Halloween 2016 – VR 360 Degree Video

Pumpkin Zombie Snapchat filter comes to life on Halloween of all days and overruns downtown San Francisco, causing mayhem and destruction! Happy Halloween everybody! Be sure to LOOK around and catch all the action in this 360 degree video. Like, share and spread the love err mayhem 🙂

Whipped While Cuffed – Girls In Fetish Club

2016’s Halloween Fetish Ball in Tampa Fl with Diamond Dirk and the theta 360.

Halloween Costume Block Party Downtown Orlando in 360

Diamond Dirk and Glxitch Downtown Orlando Fl at Wall Street plaza and the cantina for a halloween custom block party that is packed with drunk dressed up Floridians.

Unlike a common 2D flat video, the VR video brings you an immersive 360-degree view. If you love to record the precious moment, why not prepare yourself a panoramic VR camera? Now you even have a chance to get free 360 camera — [VeeR Exclusive] 360 Camera Giveaway! You can take 360 photos or videos for your 2017 Halloween and upload to VeeR, the leading VR content platform, to share with your friends and family about the interesting Halloween!

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