Top 5 Virtual Reality Advertising Solutions (with Case Studies)

12 Sep , 2017 Others VeeR VR

Top 5 Virtual Reality Advertising Solutions (with Case Studies)

VR is the newest tech to hit the advertising and marketing world. To review 10 Best Cases of VR Marketing and let’s watch some 360-degree videos of VR advertising here!

The Boursin Sensorium

This sensorium combined live multi-sensory experiences with virtual reality (VR) and a bespoke 360° CGI film to fully immerse consumers, who found themselves flying through the inside of a fridge, past carefully-chosen ingredients.

Amsterdam Marriott Hotel 360 experience

For Amsterdam Marriott Hotel we developed a 360 video solution. It’s a short tour as if you were in the hotel (eg. check-in, quick look at the bar & restaurant, close look of the meeting rooms and a hotel room). We placed a second layer in the video which indicates the length of the scene and gives useful information about the different spaces.

Danone Activia

360 3D First Person View ADV experience for Danone Activia

BMW – assembly facility

Get closer to BMW assembly facility in Brazil 🙂

Tesla Model X

Check out this 360-degree video of the Tesla model X

VR allows users to experience a specific and immersive environment, now we can expect that the new technology is becoming an important new medium for advertising.


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