Top 4 VR/360° Horror Videos For A “Spiritual” Halloween

17 Oct , 2017 Others VeeR VR

Top 4 VR/360° Horror Videos For A “Spiritual” Halloween

Horror and VR together bring you more than bloodcurdling experiences. If you are a thrill seeker or just want to scare your friends this Halloween, 360° thrill & horror VR videos are just what you need! This list only contains 4 virtual reality videos you can watch on desktop or app, look out for more horror VR videos on VeeR. And with a VR headset or cardboard, it will give you an immersive spooky feeling!


1. IT: FLOAT – A Cinematic VR Experience

It (2017) is the latest remake of Stephen King’s world famous horror story. It follows our young protagonist, Georgie Denbrough, as he runs into a demonic clown, Pennywise, who inhabits the underground sewers below Derry, Maine.


2. ANIMA series 360º demo-pilot

ANIMA is intended to be the first Spanish 360º video series that tells the story of Alma, a girl who dies in a rave party but wakes up as a ghost who looks for answers and her revenge.
This is the pilot episode of the future series, produced by crowdfunding with a little more of 2000 euro budget.



3. Killer Clown HORROR prank gone wrong

In the fifth episode in the Killer Clown Horror series Killer Clown offers a balloon to a little girl… but what happens next is a completely different story altogether. BEWARE!



4. The Girl in My Cupboard

Halloween is approaching and we’ve been testing some ideas for a festive VR. The Girl in My Cupboard is a short horror with little in the way of the story, but we’ve had some fun watching people jump in VR so wanted to share it with you. It also played around with movement a little in this one, slowly growing our VR techniques.


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