360 Film Factory: How A Mom And Pop Studio Achieves Commercial Success

26 Sep , 2017 Behind The Scene Mina Bradley

360 Film Factory: How A Mom And Pop Studio Achieves Commercial Success


When they saw a drone in a small town in Michigan on a family vacation, Filip and Joanna Pelc didn’t expect it to have a rippling effect on their career path.

A few years later, they’ve started a 360 studio, Wytwórnia Filmów 360 (360 Film Factory), back in their home country of Poland, where this new technology is also catching up. Their top-notch production quality is gaining them credibility among both businesses and private clients, who are requesting them for advertising projects, event reports, weddings and birthday parties.

And all of this started with being impressed by a drone pilot‘s setup and pelleting him with hundreds of questions.



Their company focuses on various industries. Besides creating projects for corporates, they also record events and especially weddings. Over the recent years, wedding VR has become a new growth because of its ability to capture the emotional moments from everyone’s perspective at the same time. One is able to see the bride and groom taking their vows, while at the same time, their grandmother tearing up from the other side of the church.

Filip tells us that as a 360 photographer, his work has been dismissed by some fellow photographers as elementary: just set the camera on a tripod and all you need to do is play the waiting game. The outside appearances can be deceptive, Filip explains, as most are unaware how much work goes into stitching, colorizing and editing the footage for 360 studios.


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Being a huge soccer fan, Filip says he can’t wait for soccer matches to be streamed in 360. He gets excited talking about his experiences watching a few games in 360 where he was able to observe the whole field.

The future for VR, Filip is convinced, is bright. Just like color TVs replacing black and white ones several decades ago, the same thing will happen to VR where this new medium replaces color TVs, he says. Having seen many 360 movies, he feels there’s something lacking seeing a regular movie. The prediction remains to be proved, but we’re glad to be a contributing factor to making it true.



If you schedule a 360 project with Filip and Joanna, email them at biuro@wytworniafilmow360.pl.

Or visit their website: wytworniafilmow360.pl

And Facebook: www.facebook.com/wytworniafilmow360/

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