360-degree Surfing Experiences in Virtual Reality

30 Oct , 2017 Others VeeR VR

360-degree Surfing Experiences in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology brings people more chances to experience different lifestyles. Scanning those breath-taking VR videos, you could not conjure up the immersive virtual reality experiences in your wildest dreams. In the Top 10 Extreme Sports Experiences in 360°/Virtual Reality, we picked snowboarding, bridge climbing, skydiving, etc, and today we’d like to share you with the shocking surfing 360 videos.

VR 360° Irish Scenery——Surfing

Irish surfing VR

VR experience surfing in Irish

Look at the fantastic ocean! Following the immersive video to surfing in the Irish sea.

DA42 Cloud-surfing in full 360 video

surfing in 360 vr videos

360-degree clound surfing

A 360-degree Kitesurfing Story – Meet Coleman Buckley

vr video 360 kitesurfing

360-degree kitesurfing in Buckley

Where and how to watch the 360 VR videos?

  1. Take out your smartphone, download a VR app, eg. Youtube, Netflix VR, VeeR VR app, etc. Then search for your favorite kind of videos to turn the phone around to look at the 360-degree perspective.
  2. Use a VR box or headset (low price ones also bring good experience). It brings you into a full immersive view pretty well. Lock your Android or iPhone into the VR headset and set it as VR view. Then watch and enjoy.
  3. If you can afford a high tech headset like the Oculus Rift, then you can just watch in your web browser, click and drag to look around. This kind of surfing VR experience will be amazing.

In the VR world, you can experience a totally different way of living, how about trying the Top 8 Virtual Reality Experiences? If you have amazing experiences in vr world, please share with us in the below comment space!

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