#2018 Winner Announcement

1 Feb , 2018 Contest Nuoya Li

#2018 Winner Announcement


The new year prizes are finally here! During the new year new gear campaign, we have received 676 videos and 1884 photos with #2018 from all of you around the world and are truly amazed your passion, creativity and talent. Each of these projects, whether a panoramic picture or a 360 video, has the power to inform and inspire a sense of wonder and hope for a wonderful year of 2018 in its own unique way.


We feel greatly honored to announce the outstanding award-winning projects selected from entries over 42 countries and 5 continents. These 360 VR works present us with a remarkable array of subject matter: breathtaking imagery of nature, celebrations of holiday season, excitement of heart-racing sports, in-depth documentary, creatively-made vlog, and etc. Congratulations to all the prize recipients:


Honor Award:

Art: Virtual EscapesReiner LesprengerAdrift Pictures,

Sports: 360 Labs,

Vlogging: Hugh Hou,

Landscape: Damien RENARDJorge TéllezIwan Teknik


Gear Award:

Idealens k2+ Headset: Project360M Majed WZimha 360松江浪涛圣艺美博(北京)文化传媒

Jedeye: Discover360Media, FAAM Productions, Jason Sievers五行

Madventure 360: Szidor N. Gábor

MADV Mini: REALVISION 360°烟雨斜阳

Opai360: Rein Bijlsma,  Real Virtual Movies, RubenFrojason podmore, The Patuo 360, Darius Ivan,  拍全景的阿德, nicky


Spirit Award:

Roto Studios, Darrell Webster, DJRC420, Tieman, Jorge Santos, Klauber Freitas, Darren Reichel, Henry Nwokobia, Go360inc, Boleslaw Dworzak, taeyoun hwang, Ronnie Ca$hman, Bernd Kronmueller, Kab Age, DunksterBricks, Yummyvr, Bow Valley Post, Dan King, WELT, Bingganbaba, 饼干爸爸, veer181, Shadmia360, 云眸视觉, stone, mabu, 卓凡科技, luyanfeng, 五行, Paiba360, Norwich刘, 旗帜飞扬, 设计师郭, 艾卓悦全景相机, 榕城小林囝


For Honor and Spirit Award, each of you can claim a VeeR 3D Fabric Headset! All the winners please fill out this form to claim your gift. Click here to immerse yourself in these amazing 360 VR content. We assure you each one is worthy of your time and attention. Enjoy!


For those who didn’t make this list, we want to let you know that we truly appreciate your submissions and every single one of your content means a lot to us. Christmas might be over, but our gift-giving spirit is not! Stay tuned and keep an eye out for our future giveaways.



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