#2018 weekly giveaway

19 Mar , 2018 Contest VeeR VR

#2018 weekly giveaway

Our cross-year #2018 campaign might have ended but the spirit of this amazing year will never end! Record and relive your exciting moments in 360˚. What’s even better? You can share your great experience with friends on VeeR and get our weekly Oasis VR Headset giveaway on VeeR Store


How to join?

Publish your 360˚ photos/videos at veer.tv with #2018 (For new users of VeeR, you can either upload from desktop or our Android/iOS mobile app. Mobile browser upload would be supported soon).


If you don’t have a 360 camera, how to participate? 

Check out this blog on how to shoot 360˚ panorama with 360 photo apps on Android and iOS.


How to win and find out the result

Share your 360 video/photo with #2018 on veer.tv or through VeeR mobile App (iOS,  Android)

3 lucky participants would be selected every week. Winners would be announced in our Facebook group every Monday morning.

So, the trick is to do more self-promotion on social media and invite more people to like your content 😉

For more events, check here 🙂

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  1. Saud Ansari says:

    Is this give away starting again?

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