VeeR “Must-Sees of June” VR videos

15 Jun , 2017 Events VeeR VR

VeeR “Must-Sees of June” VR videos

Every day, creators from all around the globe on VeeR are uploading VR/360 videos they’ve created. VeeR VR is so excited to see these fun videos that we can’t wait to share them with you! Starting from June 2017, VeeR VR will hand pick 30 premium VR videos each month for our beloved VeerRians! Y’ALL can enjoy all these fun and exciting videos from your home couch!

This month, our “Must-Sees of June” covers a variety of topics, from crazy crazy Saigon pool party to a journey in the paintings of Dali, from diving with disabled people in Bali to dancing with a grumpy panda. Our creators have provided us with so much indescribable excitement to immerse ourselves in.



How does VeeR VR pick out “Must-Sees of June” videos?

“Must-Sees of June” are all selected from ORIGINAL videos uploaded from April 1st to May 1st. We have sorted all these videos based on their total likes within 30 days since uploading, and recommend the Top 30 to VeeRians.

How to support the videos I love, and help them get into next month’s “Must-Sees”?

Invite your friends to watch and like it!

What videos are on the “Must-Sees of June”?

Click HERE for the Top 10 video Rewind.



First, let’s look at the mini previews of the Top 10 most viewed videos.


Jerte Valley is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. When the Cherry trees flourish, all the valley becomes a incredible vision to the eye.



No.9 Stand next to Dj Vidza as she gets revelers ready for a night of dancing by Dachu Social

How do you get people in a club to stand up and dance? Well, here are some highlights, and let Dj Vidza show you the art of mixing in glorious 360.



No.8 Return to Trappist-1 (3D 360°) by Virtual Escapes

Return to Trappist-1 where scientists recently discovered 7 Earth-like planets orbiting an ultra-cool dwarf star located 39.5 light years from our sun in the constellation Aquarius.



No.7 מסע אל לב האוקיינוס by Greenpeace Israel גרינפיס ישראל

Experience the underwater life, float on the corals.



No.6 AARON’S KISS– Love’s Pursuit — A CGI Portalz clip by Alicia Norman

Aaron tries to calm Issa’s fears about their budding relationship and they end up sharing a passionate kiss.



No.5 Fashion 360 by Socialnívoro

Four models in your backyard presenting you a fashion show. Girls, you are so hot that I’m going to cry.



No.4 Geneva International Motor Show by Project360

The famous Geneva Motor Show. Everything you want is here for you.



No.3 The Room by Academy of Art University

A man gets more than he bargained for when he tries assaulting a woman. Get ready to be surprised.



No.2 Against Blue Currents by Hiverlab

Diving is such a delightful sport that the happiness should not be restricted by physical issues. This video is about how disabled people pursue the fun of diving. Let’s listen to their story and feel the emotion.



SOOOOO…Which one is the most liked VR video???




No.1 Vietnam’s Premier Pool Party – Saigon Soul by Saigon Soul

Saigon’s best DJs are bringing you stellar house music at the luxurious pool. You’ll be guaranteed with a sexy, water fueled event while day drinking with amazing people. Any better way to spend a Saturday?



Below is the complete Top 30 most liked videos list:

  1. Vietnam’s Premier Pool Party – Saigon Soul by Saigon Soul
  2. Against Blue Currents by Hiverlab
  3. The Room by Academy of Art University
  4. Geneva International Motor Show by Project360
  5. Fashion 360 by Socialnívoro
  6. AARON’S KISS– Love’s Pursuit — A CGI Portalz clip by Alicia Norman
  7. מסע אל לב האוקיינוס by Greenpeace Israel גרינפיס ישראל
  8. Return to Trappist-1 (3D 360°) by Virtual Escapes
  9. Stand next to Dj Vidza as she gets revelers ready for a night of dancing by Dachu Social
  11. Close Range EF3 Tornado in Wray, CO by Project:Chase360
  12. Tried To Sell My Soul – Jack and The Ripper  by Jack and The Ripper
  13. Teacher Chen Photo Class  by 漫讯MXVR
  14. Hong Kong has captured my heart [香港有我的心] by Vertex VR 
  15. Audi Driving Experience by Vertical Productions
  16. Peter Pan’s London Flyover  by Mark Pleasant
  17. A-Ma Festival – Lion Dance Performance, A-Ma Temple, Macau by Beautiful Macau 360
  18. Chapter 2  by Wick
  20. The Spacecraft of Your Brand  by Column Five
  21. Rites of the Slavs – Maslenitsa by Dmitry Shu
  22. Friends of Tomorrow – VR Class by Aerolito
  23. March 22, 1 year after by Tamia Reality
  24. Festival Primavera Trompetera 360 4k by Experience Factory
  25. Reddit Place 360 Timelapse by Harold Serrano
  26. *360 Animated Music Video* Neda & Marrs – I Miss You By Prouwl Studio
  27. Watch this grumpy Panda trolling a family in Moganshan! | A 360 VR Comedy by CrowsNest
  28. Barron Asia VR by Barron Asia
  29. Bill Gates: A Game of Hide and Seek  by Bill Gates
  30. Tutorial 2 Learn how to shoot in 360 for VR. Make VR videos by ZenCaptureAll
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