10 Best Cases of VR Marketing

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10 Best Cases of VR Marketing

VR for marketing? Never heard of it? Well you must be a tomato, because you need to ketchup! VR as an industry has been on fire recently, and major players in every line of business have been trying to piggyback ride on this trend for self-promotion. Let’s take a look at the top 10 cases of VR marketing from the business moguls and take some notes! Just know that your business could be the next, if you play VR to your advantage!


1. McDonald’s

Happy Goggles, ski in Sweden with your lunch box The big M launched their VR marketing in Sweden by transforming the Happy Meal boxes into VR headsets “Happy Goggles”, with which people can enjoy a game called “Slope Stars”, themed on a traditional skiing holiday in Sweden. Revolutionizing the iconic Happy Meal and adapting to local culture? McDonald’s really can’t be topped. Why it’s worth mentioning: Repurposing the Happy Meal containers to VR goggles is simply genius. It’s very cost-efficient, and with McDonald’s global customer base it ensures wide distribution. It’s also culturally adaptive!



2.Coca Cola

sleigh ride over Poland as Santa with your Oculus Rift For the 2015 Christmas, Coca Cola introduced a magical experience to people in Poland, where they put on their Oculus Rift and enjoyed a day-long virtual sleigh travel as Santa Claus. Why it’s worth mentioning.Ho ho ho, VR would be a perfect gift for all the good kids, ho, ho, ho!




Bedtime VR Stories props to Samsung for rising above all the bad rep about the Galaxy S7 phones, and connect parents and children with their Bedtime Stories VR app. Through their technology, parents are able to tell stories to their kids and virtually engage in physical contact, despite their geographical distance. Sweet of you, Samsung. Why it’s worth mentioning: Let’s be honest, it’s considerate, it may have helped thousands of children stop crying for their absent parents at night. It also serves as a great PR save.



4.20th Century Fox

The Martian VR Experience The insanely long (25 minutes) movie spin-off and trailer-minigame hybrid was a bold move on the part of 20th Century Fox, as most game trailers are limited to short 360 clips. The experience (we really don’t have a better term for it) was created by VRC studio with Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg as the executive producer and consultant. With this creation, you will get to be a potato farmer with Matt Damon on Mars, trippy! Why it’s worth mentioning: Come on it’s Matt Damon. If that’s not enough to convince you, aren’t you curious about life on Mars?



5.The Guardian & The Mill: claustrophobic awareness

The Guardian went off the charts on their humanity level and attempted to raise public awareness about claustrophobia, by collaborating with “The Mill” in shooting a 360 solitary confinement experience video. It can be creepier than ASMR for those who have been traumatized by being locked away on their own. Why it’s worth a shoutout: We need more educational VR videos like this to remind us how damaging abuses can be to people’s personalities, and how necessary it is to reach out to those who were once hurt and make them feel less alone.



6.The New York Times

VR Documentaries Following the establishment of NYTVR and the massive giveaway of a million Cardboard, NYT released its very first VR doc “The Displaced”, focusing on the bereaved children in warring areas around the world. The pain and loss in those children’s eyes will definitely transport you to another space and inspire you into a marathon of reflection on human civilization. The production won the AICP Next Award for VR during its 2016 session. Why it’s worth mentioning: It’s a unique perspective into war-torn areas, and offers an intimate close-up shot of the most vulnerable truth of humanity.




Dior Eyes Dior Eyes is a new answer to all the questions fashion enthusiasts might raise. Through the branded goggles, customers are offered access to the latest fashion shows, the routine of the fashion world, they can even be a fly on the wall as top-level models, stylists and makeup artists interact real-time! Why it’s worth mentioning: Simply put, it’s a fashion symbol that Dior is also conveniently using to enlighten us on the future for fashion consumption.




The BABYGHOST Spring-Summer Collection was held in October 2016, which was preceded with much VR promo in telling its success story and design inspirations. Centered around its theme “IndigoChildren”, BABYGHOST mooded it up with indigo lighting, creating an alternate universe with VeChain VR, where each attendee became an individual space explorer. Why it’s worth mentioning: Fashion design and VR? People have so much class these days and shut up just take my money!



XC90 Test Drive You find a nice ride and you want to take it out for a spin. In the neighborhood of your car dealership though? Lame-o! Volvo introduced a test drive app to send you off on a journey through bucolic countries, mountainous areas, lake sides, you name it. Why it’s worth mentioning: VR test drive is gaining momentum in the automotive industry, as Audi cooperated with Oculus Rift in helping customers choose the vehicle of their choice. BMW is also working with Samsung Gear to simulate driving experience on the IFA Berlin show.



10. HBO

VR Game of Thrones It might be winter for the Starks but it’s certainly spring for the VR experience of the global phenomenon of a show. Before the return of the 5th season, HBO booked the O2 Arena in London for a hands-on trial for the show fans. After donning the goggles, you can join the Night’s Watch in patrolling the Wall. HBO even threw wind machines into the bundle to make it as authentic as possible. Why it’s worth mentioning: Just the title of the show can wet some pants. Jk. But seriously we can’t think of better strategies to keep a loyal fan base.


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