Mix Master Mike Presents MOONBASE [INVASION]

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You are about to embark on a journey through space and time, not only of sight and sound but of the mind. MOONBASE INVASION is the 2nd track of off Mix Master Mike's VR Album. In this latest 360VR experience we partnered up with AMD and Mettle create a new world using the latest Radeon Pro Duo hardware as well as Mantra from Mettle.

North American Debut: NAB Las Vegas 2017
European Debut: Cannes Film Festival NEXT 2017

Performer: Mix Master Mike
Executive Producer: Copeland Entertainment
VR Director: Jonathan Winbush
Actor: Mark Christopher Lawrence
Matte Painter: Tony Washington
DP: Robert Buchanan
Mentors: Chris Bobotis & Richard Callery
Stage: Mack Sennet Studios