LP OBryan

Main Passage inside The Great Pyramid at Giza, Cairo.

LP OBryan
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View climbing inside the Great Pyramid at Giza. Possibly the 1st 360 view of the passage leading up from the entrance to the Grand gallery and King's chamber. 

This is the only way to reach these chambers. There is a steep upward incline. 

Taken February, 2017.  A special fee was paid to use a camera, although I'm not sure they knew what type of camera we were planning to use.  

There is another 360 to be uploaded from inside the King's Chamber so please follow if you are interested in the greatest pyramid on Earth.

These 360 views are part of the research for The Cairo Puzzle, a new novel, revealing some spectacular new chambers in the great pyramid. The novel launch is May, 2017. 

To start reading the series, use SmartUrl.it/Puzzle1 to find the series on Amazon. Four books already. Translated into 11 languages.

Other locations coming too.