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How to be a Player in Atlanta: The Move

Stephanie Marlo
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The Move:
Welcome players! In this, our very first 360 reality tv show release, you will be introduced to the Downtown Players Club on S. Broad St in Atlanta along with their artistic and creative filled block. S. Broad St has decades of history. Walk with us around the block while we introduce you to some views and artists locations you may have never experienced before!
Kris has been tasked with creating a whole new players club movement in Midtown Atl. 
Time to move and build!

What are the Downtown & Midtown Players Clubs you may ask…
Watch as Kris Pilcher, co founder of both locations, walks us through the city and his endeavors keeping the players playing.

Each segment within the series will feature another cool artist. Keep an eye out for rotating gallery shows, performance art exhibitions, music, immersive theatre, workshops, and discussions, the Midtown Player’s Club will transform a former gym into a gathering and incubation space for numerous young and mid-career artists, activists, and entrepreneurs to explore their craft and share their experiments and results. Each day will manifest a new experience in which the public is invited to participate.
Artists:  Kris Pilcher, Elizabeth Jarrett, Miranda Kyle, Priscilla Smith + invited artists

Of course, thanks for watching!
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