VeeR VR launched 360 Video Mobile Upload Feature

11 Apr , 2017 VeeR News VeeR VR

VeeR VR launched 360 Video Mobile Upload Feature

VeeR VR has just released a brand-new feature of mobile upload, to enable users to upload their work on the go. VeeR VR is the very first VR application around the globe to initiate this function compatible with all major brands of smartphones on the market.

VeeR VR mobile upload interface

Unlike processing one’s videos with Metadata Injector first for YouTube to recognize 360 video formats, or accessing Insta360’s sharing function to dock into Facebook, VeeR provides its users with a friendlier VR ecosystem to best accommodate their needs.

The new upload function allows for extremely stream-lined upload process where you can queue up the next uploads while the previous one is being processed.

The new feature also works with all formats ( including 360 videos, 3D side-by-side and 3D top-bottom) and all current FOVs generated by on-the-market VR cameras. You can upload 360 videos, 180*180 videos, and customize FOVs to match the settings of their individual videos. For video thumbnails, other than photo library, you also have the option to capture an ideal one in the video.

Regional limits are also available online for you to geographically target a certain audience.

Mobile Upload Parameters

Preview is available at all times during pre-upload editing, and edits are available even after videos are published. To be able for the VeeR platform to host your videos, you only need to provide a title, which you can amplify with more detailed information in the description and hashtag sections whenever an edit is needed.


One thing worth notice is to not exit the VeeR app while your video is being uploaded in case of upload failure.

VeeR always sees itself  as a pioneer in simplifying the VR video shooting and sharing process, and we believe that the latest mobile upload function will be a facilitator for users to create more content on the go.


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