Treasure Map to Your Next Favorite Video

30 Mar , 2017 VeeR News VeeR VR

Treasure Map to Your Next Favorite Video

Now VeeR is a de facto treasure trove of VR videos, and some of you might have been wondering how to find videos up your alley out of thousands. Today we are giving you four brief tips on how to discover fun videos that will float your boat just right!


Tip 1: Leaderboard

We give comprehensive analysis to the views, likes and shares each creator receive, and release a leaderboard of the day, the week and the month. Only the top 20 creators will be displayed. Pick some from the cream of the batch!


Tip 2: Popular videos

The competition for popular videos is even more fierce than leaderboard. We divide this section into the same three periods, so that new uploads and videos from a month ago will have a chance to be featured at the same time. Videos topping this chart have gathered over 100k views, so we are sure you will have a ball surfing!


Tip 3: Staff picks

We go through user-submitted playlists on a daily basis to publish category-based video collections. Outside of our weekly albums, we have playlists about traveling, VR art, and many other themes to match the diversity of all of your needs! If you are interested in one specific topic you will feast your eyes on a whole bunch of related videos! You are also welcome to create your own playlists to share things you like with others!


Tip 4: Topics

Right now, VeeR features ten main categories for you to browse in: Anime & Comic, Beauty, Tech & Science, Entertainment, Travel & Nature, Films, Gaming, Horror, Outdoor, Sports. At the same time, we are optimizing our categorization to bring more content to you.

Those are the four tips we have for you to better navigate VeeR. Have fun!

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