Take the VeeR #IAm___ Challenge Today!!!

8 Jun , 2017 VeeR News VeeR VR

Take the VeeR #IAm___ Challenge Today!!!

Take the VeeR #IAm challenge, Show the world the all-rounded you!


Every human being is a host of infinite possibilities and sometimes contradictory aspects. VeeR is curious about the side of you that would pleasantly surprise even those closest to you.


You might be a professional football player who also loves traveling around the world. You might be a crazy video-game player as well as a real pilot up in the air. You might be a full-time doctor and a part-time writer who lives a great story both in real life and in imagination. No matter who you are, we challenge you to show yourself! Come join VeeR on its new campaign #IAm and upload the 360 degree of your life to VeeR.tv.


The challenge of June is named “I Am”. Take your 360° camera and record the all-rounded you. The video can be in any narrative or perspective. Then upload it to veer.tv.

1. Not topic-specific. Please observe the community guidelines in refraining from producing pornographic, violent, or hateful content.

2. Please include #IAm in your uploads. Our curation team will assess your video based on its production quality, creativity and final count of views/likes. The final cherry-picked videos will be featured on our front page across all of our products, with their producers awarded with a surprise gift from VeeR!

3. Original content only. Appropriated or irrelevant videos will be dismissed.

For examples, please go to: veer.tv/playlists/iam-27745 


Here’s a 3-step tutorial of how to add the hashtag #IAm:

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