Creator Tutorial #1: How to Employ VeeR for Offline VR Marketing

25 Mar , 2017 VeeR News VeeR VR

Creator Tutorial #1: How to Employ VeeR for Offline VR Marketing

VR bundled together with marketing has been the new go-to marketing strategy for businesses since early 2016. With its immersive experience and ability to recreate an alternative reality, VR is getting increasingly popular with major players in each market sector.

Even though videos might not disclose any information concerning the studios who made them, it doesn’t mean that these productions won’t be closely related to the creation team during promotion phase. Once the videos receive outstanding acclaim, the clients would attribute it to the creators; consequently, with positive reputation, a top-quality studio would benefit by way of being exposed to more business opportunities. Such free publicity often wins over any other form of advertising.
Because of all the above reasons, VeeR developed VR marketing feature for creators with respondent needs. With VeeR, your business can magnify its influence exponentially with VR uploads.
The following is a tutorial of how to go about your VR marketing:
First step: upload your work. Log in through to your account; then click “Upload” to publish your videos;

Second step: click the uploaded ones on your personal page to play; hover over the green button that says “Enjoy it on your phone”, to generate a QR code special to the video you are watching. Right click on the QR code to save the image to local storage. Scan the QR code with your phone and tap on the play button to stream watch.

Third step: distribution of your videos is the most important step in your whole VR marketing plan. It determines the watching experience of your audience and is of essential importance to your overall branding. For a content-generating creative team, other than producing videos for their clients, they can also provide QR codes for more effective advertising.

VR videos, being especially engaging and transporting, requires on-site watching experience to be the central factor to them being a hit or miss. This poses certain basic prerequisites of off-line demonstration, that is VR videos that are made, and viewing gear. If the viewing site is set, with a relatively large budget for service and equipment payment, the VR playing service provider can opt for gear on the higher end of the spectrum. On the contrary, there are other available options such as Google Cardboard, which is low-cost and easily portable.

Google Cardboard has become most VR rookies’ first choice for its delicate design and cheap price. By simply upgrading the packaging and the goggle material, one can manufacture products that suit specific clients’ demands in terms of appearances and packaging.
Taking the Google Cardboard goggles designed and produced by VeeR, our customers can print QR codes to their branding videos on the sides of the packages, to target at their users.

VeeR wants to facilitate more collaboration between the creators on VeeR and advertisers.

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